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Check these projects out for inspiration or to help learn more about the project.

Rust Examples

  1. rust_template from Gamercade. A starter project to get you up and running as fast as possible. Makes use of the gamercade_rs crate.
  2. pong from Gamercade. A very simplistic pong clone demonstrating the most bare bones basics: using graphics parameters, handling input, and general project setup.
  3. art_showoff from Gamercade. Showing off the usage of large sprites to create a parallax kind of effect. This is the same as the cyberpunk city shown on the home page.
  4. mark from Gamercade. A bunnymark kind of performance benchmark. Hold the A button to generate lots of sprites. Defaults to 60fps @ 320x180 resolution and spawns 10 sprites per frame.
  5. gamepad from Gamercade. An example showing off gamepad functionality, such as analog sticks and analog triggers.
  6. 3d_example from Gamercade. An example of how to do 3d rendering.

Other Languages