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The ultimate WASM powered fantasy console and platform


Simple & Powerful

The complete package including 2d rendering, input, audio, and more. Create anything from simple classic retro games, to the next big hit.


Language Agnostic

Powered by WebAssembly. Use your favorite programming language. Full support for any language which compiles to .wasm.

Tool Agnostic

Build your assets using whatever tools you already know. Use the included editor to intuitively package, test, and export your game.

Seamless Online & Local Multiplayer

Gamercade mitigates many of the complexities with online networking. Built-in p2p rollback lets you get multiplayer "for free."

Build Together

Projects save in a source-control friendly format. Easily collaborate with developers, artists, and designers, without any of the hassle.



Browse, download, and play other Gamercade games. Built-in game browser with matchmaking means your favorite game is only seconds away.