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· 2 min read

As many of you may have noticed a few threads popping up around various subreddits and discords, we are officially beginning our pre-alpha public testing phase! What this means is that development priority will have to slightly shift towards a few new areas.

Community Support. Gamercade will live or die based on the community around it. Will spend much of our attention towards building a stronger community. A stronger community means more games and more players. We hope to use the help of the community to drive the development forward, by giving suggestions and feature requests, as well as just generally spreading the word on the awesomeness of their own games and the tools that made them.

Usability Issues & Bugs. Now that the project is in the hands of developers and players, we need to ensure a higher quality of the entire project in general. This means removing much of the rough parts of the tools, like the numerous "TODOs" hidden behind buttons and weird UI apperance. It also means addressing some of the difficulties around sprites & palettes, specifically how transparency is handled during import (currently, it isn't). Once these are ironed out, we can focus on...

Priority Requested Features. It's no doubt that the project is large - especially with our extremely small sized developer team of 1. There are tons of great features we want to put into the project, but with limited resources we have to prioritize the ones which will have the greatest impact. We're currently investigating the best way to gauge interest in features, but the best method now is either via our subreddit or discord.

Exciting times! Check back soon for more developments.

· One min read

We're slowly adding builds to our downloads page, starting with our primary development platforms: Windows 64-bit and Linux x86-64. You can find them on the downloads page which has been updated.

Once we iron out a few things we will add more platforms, starting with additional Windows and Linux support. Mac support will come in the future depending on demand and/or if we can hit our support goals.

The console download also includes a packaged sample game which includes both single player and networked play.

Of course, the project is very much still in development - so expect a few bugs and weirdness here and there. If you have any feedback, definitely head on over to our community page as its the primary way to reach out to us.

We're excited to see what happens from here!

Game on!