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This Week At Gamercade Sep 2022 3/4

· 3 min read

It's been an exciting week at Gamercade this past week! Here's our first update after the big 0.1.0 release! Here's to another great week ahead.

General Updates

In this section, we discus changes and improvements which happened over the week.

0.1.0 Release!

The big news is that we've reached our first release! Read more about it on the article here. Pay extra attention to the gccl CLI tool, since that one will covers some highly requested features.

Console Improvements Odds & Ends

  • Fixed draw circle with out of bounds pixels
  • Fixed drawling lines out of bounds
  • Added utf_16 text functions
  • Fixed potential crash when fetching song lengths with empty chains
  • Automatically close the "Main Menu" Window when loading a game
  • Updated Readme with links to various language bindings.
  • Added emulation for gamepad analogs & Triggers
  • Added gamepad support for XInput devices
  • Added Quit Game Button
  • Added Reset Game Button
  • Added CLI argument to launch a game

Editor Improvements Odds & Ends

  • Adjusted Add/remove entry logic for trackers, now uses Shift + Z instead of insert and delete
  • Song Editor: fixed a display issue when clicking the row number
  • Song Editor: fixed a panic if the chain index is out of bounds
  • Sfx Editor chain index is now shown as hex
  • Sample Editor: Fixed a crash when adjusting loop modes on a zero length sample
  • Palette Editor: Now shows selected color index
  • Palette Editor: Now shows palette indices
  • Audio Editor All documentation pages added
  • Changed the logic for how the Oscilloscope processes frames, resulting in a smoother view
  • Sheet Editor: Added the ability to import sprite atlases via "Import Sprite Sheet" dialog box

Website Improvements Odds & Ends

  • Added documentation for Graphics Parameters
  • Added documentation for Audio Editor
  • Add documentation for sprite sheet atlas import.
  • Added the gamepad example, and docs about gamepad support
  • Improvements to "exporting your game" page
  • CLI tool page added

What's Next

In this section, we discus primary focus areas for the project. This includes features actively being worked on, as well as things potentially coming in the near or long term future.

Stability Fixes for 0.1.1

For this week, we will focus on stability and bug fixing. We have seen a large influx of new users since the release, and are likely to encounter interesting bugs and unique issues. We have already seen a few issues pop up on GitHub, and will continue to focus on these for the time being.

Roadmap for 0.2.0

In addition to stability fixes, we also are looking to start planning our next larger features. While nothing is set in stone yet, some things we are looking at adding are:

  • Multiplayer Improvements, like multiple local players, and >2 networked connections
  • Text & Mouse Apis
  • Audio Improvements, like Stereo Sounds, Special Effects, etc

Call to Action

What can you do to support the project?

  • Consider sharing the project with your friends, and getting them involved with the community.
  • Building out more examples and have them featured on our page!
  • Contributing code and documentation to the project's GitHub.
  • Hang out and chat with everyone in discord.
  • Shape the future of Gamercade! Take part in larger feature discussions.