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Support Gamercade

If you like what you see, consider supporting the project!

Code Contribution & Issues

The best way to support the project is via code contributions and issue reports! This can be done via our main GitHub Repository and the issues board. Gamercade is primarily written in Rust, and the kinds of issues open to contributions range all skill levels and complexities.

We are also always on the lookout for developers interested in writing bindings in their favorite language for Gamercade. If one for your language doesn't exist, or you can't find it linked on this page, feel free to open a PR. We'll gladly list and credit the author of it.

Of course, documentation, grammar, assets, etc, are always welcome as well!

Sponsorship & Services

Gamercade is a community run project. A way to support the project is via GitHub Sponsors. Any donations made towards the project will be put towards improving it or its ecosystem, such as hosting costs, bug bounties, or hiring expert outside help.

We also offer specialized services based around Gamercade and related tools.

Other Ways to Contribute

Since Gamercade is developed both for game developers and gamers, you can still support the project for free! Share it on social media, play games with your friends, and join our awesome community.