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This Week At Gamercade Aug 2022 4/4

· 3 min read

It's been an exciting week at Gamercade this past week! We finally got audio playback in the console! Audio Editor features are coming next (with active development happening now). The community is continuing to grow with more contributors and members in the discord each day! Here's to another great week ahead.

General Updates

In this section, we discus changes and improvements which happened over the week.

First Community Made Gamercade Game

Bubbles Gameplay

User mpg from discord created the first community Gamercade game! Bubbles is a short little collection game. The goal is to collect 15 of the green bubbles, while avoiding the other ones.

Bubbles Pause Screen

Check out that pause screen! It also features, a life tracker, a score tracker, and some nice messages if you manage to win the game.

Sound Engine in Console

It's official! Gamercade Console now has sound! After a bit of a monster PR, we finally have sound effects playing and triggerable by games! This also includes the rolling back of the sound state, should that be necessary in some multiplayer gameplay. While the rollback is not completely perfect, this is an exciting milestone, since proper sound and music support is a necessity for any successful game (and game engine or library).

Console Improvements Odds & Ends

  • Sound Engine now exists on the editor.
  • Sounds can be played by following the Audio Api spec.
  • circle_filled function added.

Editor Improvements Odds & Ends

  • Minor changes and preparations made to support the audio editor in the future.

Website Improvements Odds & Ends

  • Added Audio Api page.
  • Updated Raw Api documentation page with Audio and circle_filled functions.
  • Added circle_filled for draw api.

What's Next

In this section, we discus primary focus areas for the project. This includes features actively being worked on, as well as things potentially coming in the near or long term future.

Audio Editor

Audio Editor WIP Image

Now that sound exists within the console, we have started development on the audio editor. This is currently being tracked on this pr. Once it's done, game developers will be able to create and edit instruments, and use these to create songs and special effects. This is also following a "what you see is what you get" kind of approach, where the code used to playback sounds in the console is the exact same as that in the editor. Gamercade takes its audio seriously, and you can learn more about the coming features on the Audio Spec page.

Call to Action

What can you do to support the project?

  • Consider sharing the project with your friends, and getting them involved with the community.
  • Building out more examples and have them featured on our page!
  • Contributing code and documentation to the project's GitHub.
  • Hang out and chat with everyone in discord.