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Api Reference

For your game to successfully to run, it is important that it exposes the following three functions:

Required Functions
// The initialize function is called once at the very beginning of your game.
fn init();

// The update function is called every frame of your game, before draw.
// It is called at the frame rate set by the ROM file.
fn update();

// The draw function is called every frame of your game, after update.
// It is called at the frame rate set by the ROM file.
fn draw();

Below is a list containing the entire list of valid function calls.

Full Raw API Reference

// Audio
extern "C" {
pub fn play_bgm(bgm_index: i32);
pub fn play_sfx(sfx_index: i32, channel: i32);
pub fn stop_bgm();
pub fn stop_channel(channel: i32);
pub fn play_note(note_id: i32, instrument_index: i32, channel: i32);
pub fn play_frequency(frequency: f32, instrument_index: i32, channel: i32);

// Data
extern "C" {
pub fn height() -> i32;
pub fn width() -> i32;
pub fn fps() -> i32;
pub fn frame_time() -> f32;
pub fn sprite_sheet_count() -> i32;
pub fn palette_count() -> i32;
pub fn sprite_height(sprite_sheet: i32) -> i32;
pub fn sprite_width(sprite_sheet: i32) -> i32;
pub fn sprite_count(sprite_sheet: i32) -> i32;
pub fn bgm_length_secs(bgm_index: i32) -> f32;
pub fn bgm_length_frames(bgm_index: i32) -> i32;
pub fn sfx_length_secs(sfx_index: i32) -> f32;
pub fn sfx_length_frames(sfx_index: i32) -> i32;

// Graphics Params
extern "C" {
pub fn palette_index(palette_index: i32) -> i32;
pub fn sprite_sheet_index(sprite_sheet_index: i32) -> i32;
pub fn sprite_index(sprite_index: i32) -> i32;
pub fn color_index(color_index: i32) -> i32;
pub fn flip_x(flip_x: i32) -> i32;
pub fn flip_y(flip_y: i32) -> i32;
pub fn graphics_parameters(
palette_index: i32,
sprite_sheet_index: i32,
sprite_index: i32,
color_index: i32,
flip_x: i32,
flip_y: i32,
) -> i32;

// Draw
extern "C" {
pub fn clear_screen(graphics_parameters: i32);
pub fn set_pixel(graphics_parameters: i32, x: i32, y: i32);
pub fn circle(graphics_parameters: i32, x: i32, y: i32, radius: i32);
pub fn circle_filled(graphics_parameters: i32, x: i32, y: i32, radius: i32);
pub fn rect(graphics_parameters: i32, x: i32, y: i32, width: i32, height: i32);
pub fn rect_filled(graphics_parameters: i32, x: i32, y: i32, width: i32, height: i32);
pub fn line(graphics_parameters: i32, x0: i32, y0: i32, x1: i32, y1: i32);
pub fn sprite(graphics_parameters: i32, transparency_mask: i64, x: i32, y: i32);

// Text
extern "C" {
pub fn console_log(text_ptr: i32, len: i32);
pub fn console_log_utf16(text_ptr: i32, len: i32);

// Random
extern "C" {
pub fn set_seed(seed: i32);
pub fn random_int_range(min: i32, max: i32) -> i32;
pub fn random_float() -> f32;
pub fn random_float_range(min: f32, max: f32) -> f32;

// Input
extern "C" {
pub fn button_a_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_a_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_a_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_b_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_b_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_b_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_c_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_c_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_c_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_d_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_d_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_d_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_up_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_up_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_up_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_down_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_down_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_down_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_left_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_left_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_left_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_right_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_right_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_right_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_start_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_start_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_start_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_select_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_select_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_select_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_left_shoulder_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_left_shoulder_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_left_shoulder_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_right_shoulder_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_right_shoulder_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_right_shoulder_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_left_stick_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_left_stick_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_left_stick_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_right_stick_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_right_stick_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_right_stick_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_left_trigger_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_left_trigger_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_left_trigger_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_right_trigger_pressed(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_right_trigger_released(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn button_right_trigger_held(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn analog_left_x(player_id: i32) -> f32;
pub fn analog_left_y(player_id: i32) -> f32;
pub fn analog_right_x(player_id: i32) -> f32;
pub fn analog_right_y(player_id: i32) -> f32;
pub fn trigger_left(player_id: i32) -> f32;
pub fn trigger_right(player_id: i32) -> f32;
pub fn raw_input_state(played_id: i32) -> i64;

// Multiplayer
extern "C" {
pub fn num_players() -> i32;

// WARNING: Using this is possible to desync clients!
// Make sure you know what you're doing before using these.
pub fn is_local_player(player_id: i32) -> i32;
pub fn is_remote_player(player_id: i32) -> i32;