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Console Settings

Gamercade's controller is a modern game controller. It has:

  • 8-Way Directional Pad
  • Four Primary Face Buttons
  • Two Shoulder Buttons
  • Two Analog Sticks (with pressable buttons)
  • Two Analog Triggers
  • Start & Select Buttons

Default Controls:

The default settings for the console. Support for custom button mapping, and additional local players is coming soon. See the sections below for more details.

Emulated Mode:

Emulated mode lets users' keyboard inputs mimic that of a gamepad.

Left Analog UpWRight Analog UpTD-Pad UpUp ArrowA ButtonU
Left Analog DownSRight Analog DownGD-Pad DownDown ArrowB ButtonI
Left Analog LeftARight Analog LeftFD-Pad LeftLeft ArrowC ButtonJ
Left Analog RightDRight Analog RightHD-Pad RightRight ArrowD ButtonK
Left Analog L3 / ClickXRight Analog R3 / ClickBStart5Select6
Left Bumper (L1)ELeft Analog (L2)QRight Bumper (R1)RRight Analog (L2)Y

Gamepad Mode:

Gamercade supports XInput devices. You can select controllers to use via the main menu screen (default space bar).