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What is Gamercade?

Gamercade is a series of software built around the idea of building, sharing, and playing games. At the core of everything, is the Gamercade Console, a fantasy console that plays Gamercade games. Game developers can publish their own games using the Gamercade Editor, and share them on the Gamercade Platform.


The Gamercade Console is a fantasy console for playing games written in WebAssembly. Imagine an old retro games console from the 90s, but supercharged with modern technology - that's what the Gamercade Console is. The console supports new features like a modern controller layout (including analog sticks and triggers), local and online multiplayer, and is fully cross platform.

Learn more about the console specs, or start diving into developing with examples or documentation.


The Gamercade Editor is the tool creating, editing, and modifying all assets used for developing Gamercade games. It's primarily used to import and setup art assets, and combine them with the game code. The editor features tools like a palette editor, a sound and music tracker, as well as useful tools for debugging and testing your games.

However, we don't want to prevent any developers or artists from using their favorite tools or apps. The Editor supports many industry standard file formats to provide a seamless workflow with minimal hurdles. In addition, WebAssembly is extremely flexible and is supported by many popular programming languages such as:

  • C & C++
  • Rust
  • Zig
  • Go (via TinyGo)
  • TypeScript (via AssemblyScript),
  • ... and many many more.


The Gamercade Platform is still a work in progress, but when finished, it will be the place for users to upload, share, and play, their favorite Gamercade games online.